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Mobile No: 07988 176673

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Would you like to:

Get rid of weight?
Stop smoking?
Decrease pain?
Decrease stress?
Reduce fears/phobias?
Reduce symptoms of depression?
Relieve symptoms of PRSD?
Get help with something else?

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

AN initial telephone consultation with no obligation.

Initial Consultation

During the consultation you will be guided through what to expect during the session.

It will be about an half an hour appointment at no cost.

There will also be the opportunity to start your session straight away if you want to.

A consultation doesn’t apply to all as some people might just want to start therapy right away.

Therapy Sessions

During the session, we will discuss a little more about why you have come to see me.

Then we will relax your mind and body and either move into hypnotherapy, EMDR or life coaching.

During this process, we will let your subconscious mind do it’s perfect work to enable you to have a better future.

Fees and Bookings

For one hypnotherapy session with a follow up, it costs £75.

For a session on quitting smoking, it costs £150 with a follow up.

EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) costs £100 per session.

Life coaching £120 for a two hour session for divorce therapy and £60 hour for all other life coaching issues.

Call Nicola on 01608 665024 or 07988 176673 to discus sessions and book an appointment

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