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Nicola provides lovely calming Hypnotherapy Sessions that make your worries just drift away.

Penrod March 15, 2018

It took a lot of courage for me to turn to hypnosis, frankly the thought of tampering with one’s mind was not an option. My how wrong I was. I have struggled for some time with stabilising weight, holding on to the past (Relationship, Grief & Child School Bullying) I guess the cycles of dieting along with stress and the fear of letting go of what was, was always a demon of mine and the more I acknowledged it the more I struggled and the more I missed those no longer in my life, this was affecting my life in so many factors including low self-esteem, binge eating, depression, anxiety and generally despising myself to the extreme where even looking in a mirror at my body image & going out socially, feeling very uncomfortable with any outfit, regardless of those close family members telling me my vision was distorted and was nothing like how I saw myself. It goes without saying life has been a struggle to the extreme extent at times.

I made the decision to seek help, after a long discussion and lots of reassurance I decided to allow Nicola to work on me.

I’ve had two sessions over the last three weeks with Nicola, the first was working on my relationship with food and the other my fear of letting go.

I feel amazing, I can’t believe how different I am. In three weeks I no longer count calories or obsess over my relationship with food, I eat healthily because I want to, I have not turned to food when feeling anxious or stressed in fact food doesn’t seem as important somehow, I don’t want more and always leave some on my plate as I’m more satisfied and eat consciously instead of comfort or binge eating as I in a whole I feel so much happier. I feel more relaxed and confident in myself. I am no longer afraid to look at either my naked self or other in the mirror (A huge turning point for me believe me) and so many people are saying how well and radiant I’m looking. I won’t weigh myself but I have dropped a dress size :0) And feel great.

I would say I am more excepting of my past now I don’t seem to dwell or over think about issues I once found hard to let go of, I embrace what was and am looking forward to what is to come, I do feel happier to “LET IT GO!!!”

I can’t thank Nicola enough for how she has changed my mind-set.
I have an incredible fear of flying, so I’m definitely going to see if Nicola can also help me with this.

If you’re thinking of giving Nicola a try, do it. I’m pretty confident you won’t be disappointed!!..

Natalie March 15, 2018

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